Plummet by Chris Nealon! New from Edge.

Chris Nealon
ISBN 978-1-890311-29-2
64 pgs, Cover by Liliane Lijn
Design by Justin Sirois

$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge
(regularly $15)

"Nothing you read will help you now"; "I am not gay, I am from the future!"; "Classicism: build your buildings so that even conquering hordes will be like, No way." Plummet is a post-catastrophic work written largely before the current all-American, i.e. global, plunge— imagine a kind of clairvoyant O'Hara distracted by Adorno, and Bear Stearns. It's that pit of the stomach feeling—“Will there be sirens? Toxins? I imagine violence miming reconciliation and then back again." The Believer reporter Stephen Burt observed of his previous collection The Joyous Age that "Nealon's bracing and bitter debut both enters and mocks the tradition of kaleidoscopic, difficult poetry as grand social critique, and makes most new work in that mode sound sloppy or bland by contrast.” In other words, as it says in this new collection "Lifted from the cadences you know and then let fall.”


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